Delivery in Healthcare

Trackable Autonomous Delivery Throughout the Hospital



Meet Relay®

Just as his name suggests, our robot relays items between people. His first application was in the hospitality industry, but has now found his new home in Healthcare.

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Trackable Chain-of-Custody

Relay’s authentication options provide pharmacists with a verifiable trail for every medication delivered throughout the hospital. Additionally, sophisticated software and “Uber-like” maps show real-time delivery status while tracking and reporting delivery history.

Do-Not-Tube Delivery Option

With lockable bin, smooth, trackable navigation and cleanable container, Relay provides a safe and secure option for delivering hazardous medications, controlled substances, blood and other items that can’t be sent through a pneumatic tube system.

ROI of Autonomous Delivery

Hospitals can easily save hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor each year by letting Relay take over the time-consuming task of delivery. Relay also boosts productivity and job satisfaction by allowing skilled technicians to focus on more valuable work.

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Double is being used in higher education in many ways, including building hybrid classrooms with both online and in-person students, to enable professors to continue teaching when they move out of state, and even in library services for giving remote tours and showcasing innovative technology. Bringing the rich learning environment of a classroom to a homebound or hospitalized student can be very difficult.
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